Ashleigh Stoppel


Campaign design is a major strength, particularly call-to-action campaigns. At the heart of this is an understanding of the central role that type and photography play. Through my design solutions, I strive to make people stop, think, and understand. I believe design should be communicated not only in a clear, aesthetically pleasing manner, but should also effectively communicate the core message.

As well as a designer, I am a photography enthusiast and an animal lover, who is passionate about representing important issues in our society.

I thrive on the challenges that solving design problems may present. I feel it is important to persevere, not give up and to learn from these challenges. This is how I will continue to grow as a designer and continuously improve to be the best that I can be in each and every way.

Block the Habit, 2014 (Campaign Design with Envisage) 

Together, 2014 (Photography)

Say No Plastic, 2013 (Campaign Design)

Food For Change, 2013 (Campaign Design)

Girl, 2012 (Photography)

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