Gemma McDonald

My work examines the visual analogies between contemporary media and the formal qualities of Colour Field painting. In doing so, I repeat coloured pixels in arrangements that disturb the usually expected sense of illusion and depth in classic paintings or images. This aesthetic investigation is tied to a social agenda. Most recently, I have been concerned with the indiscriminate nonchalance of digital technology and how its immediate and uncensored bombardment of content contributes to a collective sense of apathy. Individuals are constantly presented with opportunities for instantaneous and perpetual communication. Each mediated experience tends to form the backdrop, or background, to another. My work, does not wish to criticize or demand withdrawal from the digitally mediated world. Instead, it endeavours to offer a space for pure observation, to reanimate the forgotten practice of contemplation. For me, the subtle interplay of fields of colour provides an aesthetic platform for such an experience.

Dead Body Floats, 2014 (Dimension: 2 x 1.5m)

Untitled #1, 2014 (Acrylic on wood, Dimension: 0.5×0.5m)


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