Georgia Lang

Hi, my name’s Georgia and I am passionate about all things design. I believe that there is more to it, than meets the eye and I aspire to use my creative, design skill set to change the world. I consider creative output as more than mere aesthetic artifacts and as such, view my design works as a form of visual speech that communicates a sentiment and set of values that can influence audiences to adopt new or alternative perspectives. As such, I hold the belief that effective design can act as a powerful tool to inspire social change and the majority of my projects are bound to ethical practices that reflect a ‘do good’ attitude.

Give Rebrand, 2014 (Digital Illustration)

ESIU, ‘Did you know?’ Campaign, 2014 (Online tutorial skin)

Out of mind Out of sight; great pacific garbage patch campaign, 2013 (Poster)

Fibromywhat? Campaign, 2013 (Poster)

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