James Dowswell


Email: jdowswell@live.com

As part of the creative arts degree, studying graphic design has given me the privilege to work alongside many wonderful undergraduate and industry-experienced designers. Pursuing the Creative Arts degree has also enabled me to dabble in other avenues of creative practice within the visual arts arena such as illustration, image manipulation and printmaking and these have opened new prospects in my personal design practice.

When it comes to graphic design, I am particularly interested in designing identities and branding, designing for social change and creative advertisements. I typically take a pragmatic approach with my design practice; I evaluate possible design solutions and discern the most appropriate design direction, but I also strive for eclecticism – deriving inspiration from many sources while still injecting my own artistic interests into my work. These include vector and freehand illustration, digital painting and perhaps even some origami – just to mix things up a little.

Aardvark Records, 2014 (branding)

Sukhoi, 2014 (Paper Artwork)

APRAP Magazine, 2013 (Typography and layout design)

URAC Advertisement, 2013 (Creative Advertising)

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