Jessica Cochrane

My work questions perceptions of beauty and the grotesque in relation to popular culture and body politics. By aggressively applying paint over glossy photographic imagery, I emphasise the utterly false nature of the idealised female figure in the mass media. Common gateways such as fashion and beauty publications, popular online realms such as Instagram and general advertising perpetuate these images.

My use of these images is subversive – I paint them with substances that are commonly related to the unhealthy and inappropriate attainment of the ideal figure. Vices that restrict, abuse and pressure the body to conform to such unattainable standards are here applied directly to the surface of the print in order to deface, disrupt and corrupt the image. The distorted faces in my work convey our unhealthy obsession with beauty and perfectionism. Most importantly, my work aims to question what is considered beautiful through the use of paint.

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