Lavender Lily

The spontaneity and fearless experimentation that characterizes childhood play motivates and shapes my practice. Building on my 20 years experience in creating concerts for children and their families, I continue to extend my practice through engaging with electronic and interactive media. My work encourages an interaction between the natural environment and richly imaged and imagined narrative worlds. I love to enchant people and make them smile – as here lies the potential for realizing a better world.

L's for lavender_LL

‘L’s for Lavender’ (2013) Music Video

purpleonia set by LL

Purpleonia,’ (2014) – Set – surfboard foam and polystyrene

The Electro Mechanical Turntable  mark2 by LL

The Electro Mechanical Turntable version 2’ (2014) Interactive music composition device – timber and electronics

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