Lockie Royall

I believe that creativity in design is heavily influenced by the state of mind of the artist and that us as artists view the world differently. I enjoy a simplistic design whilst focusing on an attention to detail. I often approach my designs with an illustrative flare, creating innovative designs. My design practice is diverse and through experience has equipped me with a dynamic set of personal and collaborative skills. I believe that being involved in extreme sports has helped to feed my creative cravings, it gave me a focus and allowed me to express myself freely. My biggest desire is to travel, I believe it is an important part of life. I know the places I have visited so far have left an impression on me as a designer. I am always keen to discover and explore. Without visiting new places and meeting different people, I would not have as much awareness of the world, I view this as an essential part of design.

Fyve, 2014 (Snowboard Design)

Pigeonhole, 2014 (App Design)

Children of Africa, 2013 (Illustration)

Skull Tee, 2012 (Fashion Design) 


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