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Artist Statement:

As a multidisciplinary artist with skills and interests in audio-visual composition, including music video, documentary, sound design, multimedia, media arts and the internet, I am concerned with exploring life generally, but in particular, contemporary cultural and socio-economic issues related to globalisation and the digital age.

This is evident throughout my body of work, but can be seen most readily in my latest works: ‘Corporations Need More’ (2014), which aims to raise awareness of the constant corporate need for more at the expense of everything else; ‘Current Time Glitch’ (2014), which provides an opportunity for relaxation and contemplation in the absence of contemporary ‘noise’; and ‘Celebratory Complex’ (2013), which examines the embrace of all things digital at the expense of reality and experience.

With a background as a singer/songwriter, my practice varies, but my preferred medium is digital media. This usually takes the form of video, which may be single or multi-screen, projection or installation, and could include 2D and/or 3D animated elements. I use image and audio in these various contexts to explore themes of contemporary life, connect with people and provide an experience that hopefully resonates beyond the work.

I also have an interest in art education and consequently my fledgling practice in electronic media arts explores the possibilities of incorporating microprocessors and sensors to enhance the interactive experience in screen based and performance works. In addition, I am exploring the forms and techniques of music video to be used within, or as documentary, how the form is influencing media more broadly, and the use of social relations and communication as a medium.

My artistic journey as I move forward therefore is one of transformation as I examine various modes of expression and communication. I am embracing performance art for its physicality and existence in reality and intend to use video for wider audiences through documenting, documentary, installation and experimentation to further my interests in art activism.

Academic History:

Bachelor Digital Media 2014

Adv. Dip. Screen Media 2014

Dip. Interactive Digital Media 2013

Cert. IV Interactive Digital Media 2012

Cert. IV Design 2011

Dip. I.T. Project Management 2010

Dip. Multimedia 2009/10 (Web Design and Development)

Incomplete: B.C.A. (Creative Writing and Musical Composition) 1985

Incomplete: B.Com. 1979/80 – BHP Commerce Trainee

H.S.C 1978

Arts Biography:

Mandy Apple – Writer / Performer 2013/14

N.Rich.M – Writer / Performer 2008/11

Proprietor – R ‘n’ R Fabric Art and Design (Manufacture/Wholesale/Retail) 1991/5

Watt Woz Iz – Writer / Performer 1988/90

Proprietor – Artie Phartee’s Gallery 1986/7

Recent Works:

  • Corporations Need More: 2014 (website / performance)
    Corporations Need More

    Corporations Need More – still from performance with medium (A2) sign.


    QR code

    QR code

    This performance artwork is an act of art activism (in progress). It is supported by a web site that is accessible via a QR code that is placed on the poster I hold during the performance. The poster can be downloaded from the site and public involvement is encouraged. This artwork is being documented on video to create a final piece to be projected as part of the Media Arts Exhibition at the University of Wollongong Digital Media Center in November, 2014.

  • Current Time Glitch 2014: Video – Twin Projection Installation (Duration 8 mins. 54 secs.)                                                                                                                                                     Originally inspired by the architectural projection work of Pipilotti Rist, this video explores currents of time that we are not normally able to appreciate by speeding these currents for viewing in current time. The serenity of these natural rhythms presented on our own terms provides an opportunity for retreat from the speed and noise of contemporary life. When exhibited, this work was projected from either side of the gallery onto the roof of a tent-like structure that the audience lay beneath for viewing.
  • Celebratory Complex 2013: Three Screen Video (Duration 6 mins. 38 secs.)                                 Originally inspired by the film work of Tacita Dean titled ‘Film’ (2011), this video uses the ‘portrait’ perspective (accomplished with three screens) to question the narrative of the emergence of the digital age and our embrace of it’s complexity. Our celebration has become an obsession, or ‘complex’, at the expense of experience.

Experimental Works:

  •  Be Fab 2012: Video Animation (Duration 2 mins. 12 secs.)

Political Satire –

  •  Crossing Over 2012: Cine Roman (Duration 1 min. 4 secs.)

Music Video and Production:

  •  Broken Record 2013: Music Video (Duration 4 mins. 14 secs.)

(as Mandy Apple)

  •  Great White Line 2013: Music Video (Duration 4 mins. 50 secs.)

(as Mandy Apple)

  •  Swiss Cheese 2011: Music Video (Duration 3 mins. 9 secs.)

(as N.Rich.M)

  •  The Key 2011: Music Video (Duration 4 mins. 17 secs.)

(as N.Rich.M)

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