Melissa Mackinlay


I value the exciting opportunities that graphic design allows me to explore. The process of generating an idea and implementing this in order to create a cohesive design solution is one that I find to be both challenging and rewarding.

I hold the belief that the relationship between the designer, audience, and brief is what drives the project form and determines the success of the design solution. Additionally, the relationship between illustration and typography is a core principal that I have a strong understanding of, as it underpins the form of my works. I frequently explore and integrate illustration and typography within my works, for it is an effective method in creating a vivid visual language that possesses the ability of communicating a holistic message to audiences.

I am excited to put what I have learnt through my studies to the test, develop my abilities further and see what opportunities the fascinating world of graphic design will lend me.

Alter Ego, 2014 (Branding- Group Project)­

Alter Ego, 2014 (Branding- Group Project)

Jumpstart, 2014 (App- Group Project)

Pro Me, 2013 (Poster Campaign)

Unleashed Magazine, 2013 (Digital Magazine)

Unleashed Magazine, 2013 (Digital Magazine)

Unleashed Magazine, 2013 (Digital Magazine)

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