Rachel Macleod

After what felt like a very short three years, I have finally come to conclusion that I am a graphic designer, an illustrator, a visual communicator, a conceptual thinker and an artist. I am fascinated by design, and how we are surrounded by it in everyday life, this has motivates me and inspires me to create strong visual conceptually driven design.

I like simple, to the point, yet beautiful design and this is something I aim to achieve in all of my projects. I am like a sponge, constantly absorbing more and more information, design thinking and skills to further improve my design practice.

Studying a minor in media arts has given me the opportunity to explore other methods and forms of creativity which gives a wholistic approach to me design work and allows me to experiment with photography, web, audio, installation and painting.

Let’s Misbehave, 2014 (Illustration)

Plastic In the Pacific Poster, 2013 (Campaign Design)

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