Radessa Roy

Drawing from personal experiences as a second-generation migrant, my work Bust considers culture, identity, and notions of authenticity. I practice in a range of media including painting, textiles, assemblage and sculpture, preferring to use unconventional materials and domestic objects that decay or transform through time. Through my works I am interested in creating experiences that may be tense, confronting, grotesque but also playfully contradictory.

Tree Hugger, 2014 (Materials: charcoal on paper. Dimensions: 29.7cm x 29.7cm)

Tabo, 2014 (Materials: watercolour on paper. Dimensions: 29.7cm x 21cm)

Kalag (detail shot), 2013 (Materials: screen print on linen. Dimensions: 45cm x 24cm)

Empty Ribs, 2013 (Materials: plaster cast of ribbed metal pole. Dimensions:11cm x 11cm)

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