Sara Tomlinson


The idea of putting pencil to paper and letting imagination flow gives me a sense of connection to my surroundings whilst also allowing me to express my creativity. My love of hand drawn and digital illustrations has led me to explore ways in which design can evoke emotional responses from its audience and create design for change through poster campaigns. As a graphic designer, I aim to create meaningful design strategies that show professionalism, creativity, innovation and my own unique style. I especially love working with word and image and the relationship typography and illustration have with one another. It takes more than just skill and precision to fulfill a brief that evokes emotional responses – Along with this; it requires design thinking and a holistic approach to design.

Livestock Protect, 2013 (Campaign Poster Series)

Livestock Protect, 2013 (Campaign Poster Series)

Mermaid Tears, 2013 (Campaign Poster)


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