Shelley Webster

Images are powerful. They have the ability to transform the way we understand the world. One picture can change the way a person sees, thinks and acts. In this way, a picture can be used as a catalyst for thought and change.

I find the best catalyst is poetic. Pictures that are evocative, captivating and haunting often hold profound content that inspire the mind’s eye. From painting to photography, I create images that restore a sense of wonder and imagination. They are often familiar scenes with subtle aberrations that spark our curiosity. These ethereal scenes capture a thoughts or feelings, which shift and unfold as they transcend time and space.

Reconstruction, 2014 (Materials: acrylic on board and graphite on tracing paper. Dimensions: 45 x30cm)

Alternate Realities (Reverie), 2013 (Materials: Espon inkjet print. Dimensions: 10″ x 15″)

Alternate Realities (Luminosity), 2013 (Materials: Espon inkjet print. Dimensions: 10″ x 15″)

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