Stephanie Kinstler

My paintings contain patterned surfaces that suggest the knots, tumours and growths of organic structures. Their intricate lines and refined surfaces reflect my interest in creating painterly layers. I explore the myriad ways in which abstraction can powerfully convey a number of things at once, in particular, the inextricable connections between all living things. For me, these painterly abstractions suggest rhythms lying beneath outward appearances, elemental structures and forms, as well as growth and transformation.

Caged, 2014 (Materials: acrylic on card. Dimensions:29cm x 29cm)

Untitled Memories, 2014 (Materials: poured enamel on 21 plywood boards. Dimensions: 39.8cm x 39.8cm each)

Viscera (Cropped), 2014 (Materials: acrylic on canvas. Dimensions: 56cm x 80 cm)

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