Teira Humby

Email: teirahumby@gmail.com

Website: theloop.com.au/teirahumby

I’m one of the lucky ones as graphic design not only allows me to do what I love as a career choice, but it also enables me to create well considered design for society. Campaign design, in particular, has resonated with me for its social inclinations, as it enables me to investigate typography and illustration in a meaningful way. Designing with the desire to inform and make people aware of different perspectives is the ultimate goal. If done with passion, critical thinking, innovation and empathy, design has the potential to resonate and speak to people in a visual voice, ultimately making positive change within their community.

Did You Know?, 2014 (UOW Energy Conservation Poster)

The Living Lunchbox, 2013 (Poster Series)

The Living Lunchbox, 2013 (Poster Series)

The Living Lunchbox, 2013 (Logo)


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