My passion is corporate identity design and branding. A brandmark is capable of encapsulating so much, and continually absorb new meaning as it evolves with the organisation it represents. For me branding is about communicating the values, beliefs and philosophy of an organisation, shaping and reshaping its future, informed by thoughtful brand strategies.

It is important that each logo in the public sphere has an individuality that can only come from a deep understanding of the organisation it represents. The brand philosophy should be consistent across all forms of organisational structure and communications. A brandmark and its implementation should be meaningful and honest to what it represents.

I hope to build a career based on my passion; staying true to my beliefs, helping clients understand the importance of an honest and inspirational visual representation of their organisation.

Special thanks to Jo, Jon and Gregor, you have been instrumental and inspirational.

Various logos and business cardsĀ 

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